Rejection doesn't hurt, expectation does. Lie doesn't kill, denial does. 'Forget' doesn't heal, 'Forgive' does

Friday, 20 January 2017


Dear self,

You dont need to worry if your crush doesnt like you back because one day you will meet someone who is worth to yourself and deserves the perfections you have that nobody sees before. After all, the flaws or imperfections you own will become something outstanding that you never realise you will get it.

Dear self,

Stop putting too much efforts to detect and make a guy you crush on likes you back because he couldnt afford to pay for your beauty stuffs and else !  The beauty you receive right now isnt his which is you struggling hard for it without troubling him even ONE CENT !   Instead, you just drag yourself into the desperation that is indescribable because you dont know the cause of it .

Dear self ,

I appeal to you for changing your aim in life. Quit chasing him and just go catching the success that you have ever dreamed so that you can achieve all the things you want easily. Success is infinitely precious and cannot be counted compared to a guy which is useless. Reward yourself the success first before having a guy . That is the definition of satisfaction !

Dear self,

Let go of your crush and move on ! Do not ever look back at him because you have something valuable in the future.  Do not ever feel sad about it because one fine day, happiness will being replaced by god for you. HE already prepare you better plans so get eager for them.

Dear self,

Start from now on, embrace yourself and get out from the state that drowning you in a hard time. Love yourself as much as possible. Dont waste your time anymore. Grab the opportunities and dont miss ! Keep your faith up ! God is there for you  :')