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Sunday, 6 May 2018

My Updated 2018 Skincare Routinee


Okay semua orang excited tak tengok tajuk tu ? aku mengaku im the most excited one to write this post because i am a kbeauty lover muahahaha. Anyone with me ? Raise your hands up  Actually, no one request me to do this kind of entry but im the one who is willing to do this ( WHY BOTHER ?!! *trademark Diva AA* ) . Aku masih la tak cantik mana ( forever potato ) , tak flawless pun but i do feel huge improvements in my skin now.  My beauty gurus are mr Youtube, Miss @twt_kecantikann kat Twitter and a professional blogger, kak iman . Lately ni aku try hard nak minimize aku punya skincare routine sebab banyak2 steps pun muka tak licin gak . RUGIIIIIIII ! jadi, lebih baik focus on high quality products *walaupun mahal sobs sobs* . Bila fikir balik, they're not that expensive, considering over the ingredients, packaging and the functions as what have been claimed .

TAPI siapa yang belum baca my previous posts regarding skincare, boleh click sini ,sini daaaaaaannnn sini. Haa banyakkan ! yess sebab aku suka betul pasal beauty lagi2 baca review orang. Everyday aku takkan miss to read something about beauty to enhance my knowledge in skincare. I think, i wont do this if i already have flawless or fair skin yang takde langsung problematic skin . Jadi, those who dont have such problems PLEASE BE THANKFUL AND EMBRACE YOUR SKIN !!

Before going further, my skin concerns are :

fading dark spots/ acne scars
getting rid of zits , blemishes and small bumps
brightening up my skin

Bismillahirahmanirahim ha mari lah kita mulakan ...


Image result for cosrx low ph good morning cleanserBrand : COSRX 
Price : MYR 30.00
Content  : 150 ml
Made in Korea
Where to buy : Shopee,Hermo, Althea

seriously, best gila cleanser ni kalau kulit kau jenis oily skin. It's a bit drying but no tight feeling and muka kau rasa bersih gila lepas pakai. Overall, it's my HOLY GRAIL cleanser 

Related image


Brand : Dear Klairs 
Price : MYR 60.00
Content : 180 ml
Made in Korea
Where to buy : Shopee,Hermo, Althea

this one leaves my skin hydrated without greasy feeling okay ! so muka takde la nampak shiny walaupun dah berpeluh . aku suka gila sebab buat kulit nampak moist and glowing, also healthy. No breakout ! yess i love this too

Related image

Brand : Nano White
Price : MYR 39.00
Content : 30 ml
Made in Malaysia
Where to buy : Watsons

i think this serum hydrates my skin instead of slowly fading the acne scars. I love this serum more than The Ordinary Niacinamide tu sebab TO tu agak greasy pastu punca whitehead 

Oh yeah, i skip moisturiser because i think the previous two products have provided me good hydration 


 Image result for biore perfect milk spf50+ pa+++
Brand : Biore
Price : MYR 32.00
Content : 30 ml
Made in Japan
Where to buy : Watsons, Guardian(have cheaper price)

this sunscreen turns into matte look and powdery once it dries. doesnt make my face oily. this one is OK lah but has a VERY OBVIOUS white cast and gives me a lil bit of breakout if I use it throughout the day. Im searching for another better sunscreen which doesnt contain alcohol as the top ingredient.Refer iman's blog for alcohol free sunscreen

My rating : 3.5/5

After sunscreen, i usually put on concealer by Maybelline (as spot conceals) and finish it with loose powder by Chriszen . And use Bio Essence as face mist to prevent cakey look 
                                 Related image


Related image
BEST  !!  @Guardian / @Watsons for MYR20++

Image result for skinfood black sugar mask review                                                 
Brand : Skinfood
Price : MYR 23.00
Content : 100g
Made in Korea
Where to buy : Shopee(have cheaper price), Hermo, Althea
My rating : 5/5

OMG, im sooo in love with this exfoliant. Very gentle yet smoothen my facial skin. This one is much more better than the ST.Ives Apricot one that i used to try which is very harsh and can cause micro tear to our skin. Use it twice a week.


-For whiteheads and small bumps (usually on my forehead), i use Benzac AC 5 to keep it at bay. Have used it since 2 years ago and it works great on my skin.
Price : MYR 30.00 for 60g

-For painful pimples that have white pus, i use T3 Mycin Gel 

- For removing whitehead that can be xtracted, i use Vietnam Mask. Boleh dapat dari kedai jamu camtu tapi kena pandai pilih sebab ada yang fake !
Price : MYR 7 and above

Oh yea, im planning to try out the COSRX Pimple Patch because it claims can heal the acne and irritation down. im looking forward for my parcel TT


Therefore, that's all my daily (as well as weekly) skincare routine. This routine has recovered my skin almost 70% from the previous condition, I guess. Again, dont ever lose hope for treating your problematic skins because im sure there will be an end and progress to it  Let's just stay positive and believe that. 

                                  Image result for skincare quotes
Drop your comments below if you have any question ;)

Have a nice day bEAUtiesss 

Friday, 4 May 2018


* Mixed language*

My dear ReADERsss .
So, it's been a while since I last updated my blog with this post . In fact, it's been more than a year.
Tetiba harini ada mood nak post entry (intend to do it long time ago) and it's related to my SPM result which was already announced in 15th March 2018.

My purpose of posting this is because i want to share with you guys one of my happiest ever moments in my life that is beyond my expectation. I just really hope this post will inspire all SPM candidates or whoever you are, if you're currently feeling down or upset with your exam results. My advise is dont ever feel depressed with it and just look up at the bright side as well as do something to change the failures. Always believe to God that He is utterly
a great planner. Okay, without further writings, lets jump to the result....

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *Shining stars emerge*

Overall, i got 5A- 4A 1B
And B for Biology LOL
I swear wehh my hands were shaking very trembly when i looked at the result. Ceritanya, aku tak terus pergi sekolah sebab i was afraid AF to know it. Instead, i checked it through SMS first ha aku ingat keluar lambat but it popped out literally right after i sent the message. Memula kawan aku suruh check kan dia punya ha so apalagi aku ON jelah kan and the desire to know mine increased !! I still remembered I checked it when i was in Pasar Klang, accompanying my mom for groceries shopping. Time tu dah pukul 10.30 pagi camtu dan keputusan keluar pukul 10 pagi . So,  after knowing the result, i was so desperately wanting to go to school to cormfirm it out because i was confidentless !!!
aand BOOM THE RESULT WAS NOT A DREAM !! Time lepas dah ambil result tu, aku terus hug cikgu-cikgu yelah sebab rasa sebak dan terharu sangat 

aku memang tak sangka langsung dapat result camni sebab kau tengok jelah trial aku barai camni
D for Addmath wkwkwk

Asking me for study tips ? hmphhhh 

  EXERCISE IS A SUCCESS KEY !! especially for calculation subjects ( Math, addmath, account etc. ) kalau boleh buat latihan tiap-tiap hari. kalau Addmath tu kan, cara aku... aku train je untuk topik soalan tu sebab dalam exam kan dah bagi setiap topik tu untuk section mana. Do you get me ? contoh kalau aku suka Solution of Triangle, aku akan buat banyak gila exercises untuk ni. Aku dah takkan berpaling kat Linear Inequalities tu. fuhh memang tak suka. Lagipun, please lah push yourself to do plenty of exercises especially a month before SPM. memang penat but it's worth it nak mampus. Same goes to Physics, Chemistry, Maths . Except Biology dan Sejarah HAHAHA memang aku tak suka langsung but i dont know how i manage to score A in SEJARAH haa full of magicals hahaha (alhamdulillah rezeki )

 untuk English, aku memang tak suka membaca TAPI apa aku buat untuk cover the method is COPYING LOTS OF ESSAYS AND PASTING .Cikgu aku ni jenis suka bagi homework essays tau ha yang aku pulak malas nak mengarang hahahah google jelah dan paste. BUT, let me warn you something. Aku bukan copy melulu tapi aku analise all the sentence structures, vocabulary, grammar and many else and surprisingly, i improved a lot from doing this way. Lepastu, aku suka juga google synonym words for verbs and it is applicable untuk Bahasa Melayu juga. Aku memang ada notes untuk synonym words lists both BM and BI and i jot down everything if i found new words yang boleh tulis dalam karangan.
Website to copy English essays : SPM 1119

 Know well your study style. DONT FOLLOW OTHERS' . ONLY YOU KNOW HOW YOUSELF ARE. Aku takde study timetable tau sebab aku bukan orang yang disiplin tapi kau kena tahu bila nak limit masa kau untuk belajar, main handphone dan bersuka-ria aka lagha hahaha. Oh ya ! aku ni tak suka menghadap buku for hours tapi kalau phone takpe LOL (i know all of you do too ) . As well, i have my backup method which is STUDYING IN PHONES ( Google, YOUTUBE etc ).i know it is such a bad habit to play with the phones for all the time but it's beneficial to me ! Aku kalau tak faham apa-apa memang akan refer balik kat google atau youtube terutamanya subjek macam English , Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry , Addmath, Physics etc.
My favourite Youtube channels for every subjects are listed below :

- English : engVidAdam
-  Mathematics & Addmath  : Y mx+c

And yes kekadang terlelap jugak woi tengok video camni tapi kan 'Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih'  haaa always remind yourself that 'Hard work pays off'. But, it is my very personal study method. and it's up to you lah deyy ha ada orang bangun pukul 4 pagi untuk belajar . Unfortunately, it doesnt work on me. Sebab apa ? sebab aku pemalas nak bangun pagi  aku juga kalau dah khusyuk buat addmath ha sampai 2 pagi pun  okay je.
OK, speaking about your inner self, it is crucial too !

 Relationship with God : Do not ever miss your 5 times a day of prayer. Selalu berdoa dan sebelum mula exam tu, tolonglah berdoa. takyah nak malu sangat dengan kawan-kawan kau. Sebab yang dapat result nanti, diri kau. Bukan kau share dgn member pun. ni antara doa yang aku amalkan dan baca before start every PAPER dan dalam solat and recite Surah Yasin every night before ada paper esoknya untuk SPM. pastu, buatlah solat sunat ( solat hajat, solat taubat, solat dhuha).

Relationship with your teachers : weh tolonglah rapat dan selalu beramah mesra dengan cikgu2. Kalau tak faham apa-apa terus tanya cikgu. Tolonglah hormat cikgu. Keberkatan tu memang penting ha tak kisahlah cikgu tu ajar kau ke tak sebab i have a bad story behind this *i wouldnt tell you in details because what is past, is past* Tapi sumpah penting gila keberkatan ni dan tak kisah lah kalau cikgu tu insult, scold or mock you down ha anggap jelah sebab they want the best for you.

Relationship with your parents : YES ! this is important too ! kalau parents minta tolong apa-apa, just DO ! okay aku pun mengeluh HAHAHAH tapi try jelah yang terbaik to satisfy them. Cliche macam biasa, jangan tinggikan suara, jangan melawan cakap diorang, dont lie.Nak tambah sikit, hubungan dgn kawan-kawan pun kena jaga. jangan gaduh ke apa. if they stab your back, just stay away from them. dont let your toxic friends walk into your life and affect your mood. Detox them

Disclaimer : aku bukanlah pelajar yang cemerlang sangat, packed with a lot of study tips. But, i just did my best to achieve what ive obtained now. seriously, aku rasa ni rezeki gila sebab  5A- tu can turn to B+ kalau mungkin takde rahmat Allah. and recently (at 27th february) i performed my Umrah so i guess, Allah has answered my prayers  . Alhamdulillah.... 

Last but not least, i wanna wish good luck to all students haa tak kisahlah what kind of exams / tests you're going to sit for. BTW, Result PT3 (6A 2B 1C. C for science) aku pun tak berapa okay tapi SPM okay (as i took Science stream and aku tak konfiden jugak). Senang cerita, jangan merungut sebelum usaha. Walaupun payah, tempuh jelah because at the end of the day, you will feel the sweetness in every bitterness ecewah hahaha. okay dah penat type, sis chaw !  ZASSSSSSSS  

GRACIAS for reading