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Monday, 31 October 2016

HEY ! I AM BACK ! #SpecialPost

                                                                *Manglish post* 

HEYYYY  IM JUST FREE FROM FINAL YEAR EXAM WHICH WAS SO SUFFERING ME !! HIP HIP HOREYYYYY ... *OK CHILL BECAUSE NEXT YEAR IS SPM YEAR T.T * and yeahh... plus im not ready yet to face it and leave the school year :/ .......

btw hai Assalamualaikum bloggers !! how's your day ? okay ?  Even if it's not alright, this quote is just for you 

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”— Steve Kloves (otherwise known as Albus Dumbledore)


Today, I just want to post a random talk (em but, of course it's kinda beneficial) lol trust me, I wont write something nonsense until I think it's really need to. Hah this post i will be writing some questions and also the answers for it. As I already mentioned, it's just RANDOM (for fun purposeS, I think ) .... so, lets just start it !


Just so-so (average) ! Problems still come but it can be handled of . Well, we will not gain happiness until we confront with the matters first. so, it's normal to live with problems. Problems can build us to be stronger *take note* !

2) HOW'S CRUSH ? :0

HAHAHAHAH please dont be shocked with it (as the emoji) . To be honest, Crush sometimes just makes me smile, giving me the dissapointment feelings. Why ? because when I think we're getting closer, but later....... the gap between us becomes farther ! well, my crush is indeed a weirdOo.Oooo. i can see him smiling all the day, cheering, be a warm person but the other days, i will see him in a bad mood, dont hi me or.... even just ignore me ! Tapi, kekadang dia bagi aku harapan jugak ! aihhh benci lah. 
Contoh : 
- dia boleh jdi caring, jealous. Apa masalah dia ha bagi ayat macam  ni "ye ah dah ada orang baru  camni ah " bila nampak aku dengan kawan lelaki dia ?!! that 'orang baru' is so meannnn to me . What is your actual thought ? Jealous ?  A joke ? (benda2 camnilah aku lemah sbb dia bg aku harapan. haaa jeles untuk apa ? suka ? em MUSTAHIL LAAAAA ) 

- dia sanggup dtg study kat library walaupun dia tahu yg geng2 study aku takde yg laki (but only once maybe bcs of awkwardness among us and him ?) tapi en, time tu dia tk berapa sihat pstu aku ni tknk ah obviously show that I like him, so aku pun tk care sgt. tapi apa tujuan dia bnyk kali merengek "weh Farah, aku demam ni " Motif ? nak simpati ke camne ? hmm... aneh ! 

- He always make me noticing him. Contohlah, kalau aku pergi memana je pstu dia nmpk aku, dia ni mmg akan buat bunyi 'sound' yang mmg aku sorg je selalu buat sound tu like "pcerpptt " hahahahahahaaha do you get it ? . pstu kekdg boleh gak dia pandang slack kat aku. tah apa masalah dia. 

Haaa and there are so many things that make me wonder what is his actual feeling towards me ? atau sekadar NOTHING ????? mmg tu perangai dia ? . Ha tahlah biar jelah feeling ni mereput dalam hati smpai hilg ecewahhh..

*what you guys opinion about it ? I really require further explainations about it lol
* pls dont label me as 'syok sendiri' (though it's true LOL) bcs im just expressing my feelings .Now, im still in recovery process to fully move on from him LOL. Why ? because i dont want to mess myself with it as I know i wont get any good 'return' from him.... But, this one, i cant deny it at all        

"Once you have feelings for someone, it will always be there. You may not like them anymore, but you still care. "


The answer is........... YES ! YES ! YES ! Walaupun tak completely flawless macam artis Korea :p , but it is far better than before. i tell you, it is a lottttttt better ! Alhamdulillah... How do I cure it ? I dont go to dermatologist. Instead, it costs much money on products lol (but still, not that TOO much ok ! ) BTW, im still dealing with acne when the time of the month but it doesnt stress me out.  Im thinking of doing my current skincare routine to help needy people out there .
                                                           YAY OR NAY ? 

You can read my previous post here about how desperate i was that time to get a clear skin.... erghh

*this my current skin condition and also bare face hehe*


It's just okay and i have improved a bit, i guess ? tapi, bila jawab exam kali ni rasa mcm hancusssssssss sebab soalan susah pstu aku ni jenis yg baca je tpi pemalas ya rabbi nak buat latihan. so results nanti kita tgk jelaaaaa.... mari berhuhu. :/ Yelaaaa bila kat tuisyen dgn dalam kelas bagi soalan basic, tpi bila keluar kat exam POOFFFF extrabasic derr . Annoyingnya !! but okaylah sbb kita kan kena "think outside of the box" alaa nyampah 


Tahun ni en, macam impian jadi kenyataan beb bila Korea will be my next destination ... ngeeeeeeeeee :D tpi lek lah bln 12 nnt and it's winterrrrrrrrr !! Tahun ni, alhamdulillah rezeki aku kot sbb first time gi oversea :P . K indon je . tapi, the experience is toooooooo good ! best gila ah ! heh i cant really wait to buy all those korean skincare thingy becauseeeeee.... Im a hardcore korean skincare lover !!!!!!! Dah siap2 dalam kepala skincare apa nak beli. yang penting nak terjah Innisfree, Etude House, Laneige, The Face Shop, Nature Republic and many moreeee !!


I think, it has been almost a year i didnt write any post as promised lol. A year ok ? A YEAR !! yes im not too active in blogging and perhaps, it's the reason. and im too busy with things (k nmpknya selalu ada free time tpi tak teringat kat blog ni pstu suka ngattt main hp, leka smpai belajar pun tak ...ISH ISHHHHHH )


Of courseeeeee its gonnaa be  KOREAN SKINCARE ! okay it's my priority  (hahaha i know it supposed to be education first but.... im not that really into it who is so obsessed with it sampai makan tak kenyang mandi tak basah. EH ? . aipppp but it still be the main thing I worry about ) I need more suggestions for the bomb and best korean products. Can you recommend it ? *just write your opinion in the comment section below* ok harap tak hambar kahkahkah. HAAA.. pastu en, boleh tak korang suggest ONLINE SHOP apa yang murah and best instead of HERMO and ALTHEA ? 

Okay i feel so sleepy right now !! Byeeee thanks for spending your time reading this post ! HAVE A NICE DAY <3 

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